Non-Conformance and CAPA

Closed loop quality management is a proven driver of competitor advantage for those companies that effectively define and manage their processes across the enterprise and through their supply chain.

Strategically, businesses are still focused on improving customer satisfaction, reducing the total Cost of Quality and, ultimately, improving revenue. In order to achieve these objectives, companies need full visibility and control over any issues that may arise in the production and distribution of their products.

Consistent Non-Conformance and CAPA Management processes across all departments, geographies and partners enables businesses to continuously improve their operations, driving innovation and speed to market.

Automated, Standardised Approach:

Along with Document Management, CAPA processes are the most likely to be automated within enterprises. However, not all are effectively integrated or standardised across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

To realise the benefits listed on the right, companies are appreciating the need to implement a single, standardised platform to collate and report enterprise wide Non-Conformances and CAPA processes that are integrated into other business applications. This includes non-conformances from employees, audits, suppliers, customers etc.

So, how can Sword Achiever help?

Issues, incidents, potential problems, customer complaints and opportunities for improvement can be documented and ownership identified. Problems can be associated with compliance areas and business processes so that high risk areas can be highlighted. Problem costs and potential savings can be measured so that resources can be allocated to areas where the business will best benefit from them.

AchieverPlus Non-Conformance and CAPA Integration:

The AchieverPlus Non-Conformance and CAPA solution can also link to other AchieverPlus modules to increase value and improve visibility and control over key compliance processes, including:

Audit: Link issues, NCRs and corrective actions to audit results while automatically creating non-conformances through surveys and questionnaires

Performance Management: Link issues with company objectives to see where improvements need to be made. Run cost reports of non-conformances by problem type, status, date, root cause, risk rating and many other parameters to ensure business decisions can be made on accurate and up to date issues data.


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