ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard provides a framework for operating and maintaining a Quality Management system. An effective solution to complying with ISO 9001 will help an enterprise achieve compliance by automating the quality standards compliance process. A better solution will go beyond mere compliance to enable the enterprise to increase profitability through continual business improvement. It will help to win business and improve customer retention, by demonstrating a clear ability to manage the cutomer’s business effectively. It will help to drive down the cost of achieving accreditation and passing audits, while improving productivity.

To achieve greatest return, the solution must prove its value fast, smoothing the way to cultural change without causing disruption to the business. The AchieverPlus IS0 9001 solution from Sword Achiever answers these requirements.

AchieverPlus goes beyond simply managing documents more effectively. While AchieverPlus enables organisations to reassess and redesign processes and procedures in line with business objectives. At the same time, by highlighting potential issues before they arise, AchieverPlus enables companies to become proactive rather than reactive in dealing with compliance issues.

Sword Achiever’s ISO 9001 Software solution incorporates processes related to Document Control, Corrective and Preventive Action, Audit Management, Employee Training, as well as the remaining processes within the ISO 9001 standard.

The AchieverPlus IS0 9001 solution is one example of the frameworks built into Sword Achiever’s Quality Management Software, along with OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP and more. Sword Achiever specialise in delivering expertise for all industries including, Food & Beverage, Pharma & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Consumer Goods and Financial Services.

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