ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 and OHS 18001 standard provides a framework for operating and maintaining a Quality Management System. An effective solution to complying with standards such as these will help an enterprise achieve compliance by automating the quality standards compliance process.

AchieverPlus compliance software solutions are modular and flexible management systems designed specifically to address the needs of businesses aiming for regulations compliance and business improvement.

AchieverPlus helps organisations achieve consistency in the management of information, through the more efficient use of resources and application of systems, and the opportunity to introduce accountability, to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved and do not reoccur.

An effective solution will not only help achieve compliance by automating the process, but will deliver fast return on investment and continuous business improvement.

The AchieverPlus IS0 14001 and OHS 18001 standards solution is one example of the frameworks built into Sword Achiever’s Quality Management Software, along with ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP and more. Sword Achiever specialise in delivering expertise for all industries including, Food & Beverage, Pharma & Life Sciences, Energy & Utilities, Consumer Goods and Financial Services.

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