Supplier Management

With increasing press attention on the negative impact that supplier incidents can have on businesses brands and bottom lines companies are increasingly realising that viewing compliance as simply an internal company issue can lead to unexpected incidents and risks.

The need for tighter control over suppliers has become crystal clear, and is leading businesses to place much more of a priority on the management of supplier compliance, whether this is to service level agreements, training standards, quality standards, regulations or about the oversight of material handling or substance storage.

With businesses often having vast numbers of suppliers, even those that would be considered preferred, the management of all this information and the checks that need to be in place to ensure they continuously met in an ever changing compliance environment can become an increasing drain on business resources.

So, how can Sword Achiever help?

With Sword Achiever, you can increase visibility and control over all aspects of your supplier relationships from selection to qualification and performance to improvement.
Checklists can be utilised to audit suppliers, measuring and ranking by set KPI’s, with failed audits automatically generating non-conformances or removing suppliers from preferred status through pre defined rules.
Through direct input or through integration with other systems you can ensure that suppliers become part of your compliance environment and can be continuously monitored and controlled.

Specific features and benefits include:

  • Selection and Qualification
  • Undertake due diligence with selection criteria including scorecards and risk identification
  • Manage these, incorporating regulatory guidelines, eg UK Bribery Act
  • Incorporate suppliers into one risk and compliance system
  • Record and manage their products, certifications and communications
  • Performance and Improvement
  • Measure performance against KPIs, auditing and surveys
  • Rank by relevant scorecards and risks
  • Identify issues and incidents and set corrective actions and controls while calculating and tracking associated costs
  • Ensure continuous monitoring and improvement cycle



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