Equipment Management

Among the modules offered within the AchieverPlus suite is the Equipment Management module. The Equipment Management module, amongst other things, enables organisations to record all the items of equipment held, including asset information associated with each item.

The Equipment Management module manages the planning and recording of periodic inspections such as calibration and safety checks and also allows the recording of one-off inspection or repair events.

What are the main business pains for lack of structured equipment records?

  • Risk of non-calibration of machinery, leading to possible defects of batches and product recalls
  • Safety risks from inappropriately maintained machinery
  • High admin overheads through maintaining records for each machine and relevant inspection/maintenance record

Equipment Management Benefits

  • Enables companies to maintain appropriate records of equipment held, and the relevant inspection and maintenance record for each item.
  • Implementing a consistent auditable process with electronic signoff of inspection and maintenance records
  • Automated schedule and planned inspection/maintenance activity reminders notify users via email
  • Turnkey Validation packs to ensure system compliance

Equipment Management Downloads



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