Competency and Awareness

Among the modules offered within the Sword Achiever Governance and Compliance offering is Competency and Awareness. The Competency and Awareness module allows organisations to plan and track training and skills requirements for each individual employed within the organisation.

Training requirements are identified in the Job Description and can be identified either by the need to attend specific courses, or by documents being updated in the Document Control Database. Skills requirements are also identified in the Job Description and the software gives the ability to record a competency level for each individual against each skill.

What are the main business pains for lack of structured training records?

  • Paper based or hybrid system can be non compliant
  • High admin overheads through maintaining records due to personnel changes and document creation/changes
  • Determining the necessary competence for personnel
  • Lack of management reporting
  • Time consuming for auditors to check all records


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