Audit Management

Robust internal audit software reviews the business processes and functions of an organisation and identifies risks, problems and opportunities for improvement. The audit program offers the board and management team a strategic resource to ensure that the organisation has effective and compliant business policies and processes in place.

With Sword Achiever’s leading software AchieverPlus, you can visibly demonstrate adherence to auditing requirements whilst also identifying areas for business improvement through a truly integrated solution. It enables you to prioritise and schedule audits and gain control over the creation and maintenance of audit checklists, setting the scope, frequency and associations to standards and legislation.

Any issues that arise can automatically trigger non-conformances and escalations so that controls and actions can be put in place, reducing risks and ensuring compliance.

Audit Management Benefits

  • Reductions in time and costs by increase auditing and scheduling efficiency
  • Increased control over improvements through pre defined templates
  • Reduction in time through automatically assigning corrective and preventative actions based on defined rules
  • Increased traceability and accountability of actions through audit trails
  • Reduction of non conformances through better decision making based on problem type, status, date, root cause and risk rating

Integration with Other Modules

  • Non-conformances or improvement opportunities highlighted during an audit can be documented and ownership identified to help ensure rectification
  • Problems can be associated with specific compliance areas and business processes so that high risk areas can be quickly identified
  • Problem costs can be identified so that resources can be allocated to areas where the business will best benefit from them



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