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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sword Achiever are proud to announce their position as "Top 25 Compliance Solution Providers 2017"

Maidenhead, UK, 23 August 17 - Sword Achiever are proud to announce our award as a "Top 25 Compliance Solution Provider 2017", according to CIO Magazine. CIO Magazine have analyzed 750 Compliance Solution providers over the past several months, and Sword Achiever were recognized for our innovating solutions from the APAC advisory board.

"Sword Achiever are very pleased to have been shortlisted to be honored as Top 25. As a business we continue to focus on providing leading-edge compliance solutions to organizations in an ever-changing globalized economy. Global supply chains are complex and require companies to follow stringent compliance and legislative requirements, and Sword Achiever views it as an opportunity to support customer's compliance challenges through innovation" explains Salman Rauf, Commercial Director.  

Sword Policy Manager is the latest in a line of innovative solutions to support our clients with compliance challenges. The software benefits small teams to global workforces of thousands that require policies to be published, communicated, acknowledged and attested, to ensure organizations and their employees are legally compliant to regulations and legislations.

Kate Passby, Marketing Director, states "Our Policy Management system simplifies and automates the tasks of writing, sharing, updating and attesting of policies, ensuring organizations always meet their legal and regulatory obligations. We make it simple to roll out hundreds of policies to thousands of people, globally."

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